2-deep-info1LuresTruly.com in conjunction with SKB Web Designs creates the best possible presence for you on the World Wide Web. We offer a variety of services from Web Site Design, to Web Hosting to Domain Registration. From simple home pages, online brochures to the most complex Web Site; we offer several packages to meet your every need. If one of our packages is not “absolutely perfect” just talk to our marketing consultants and they will design a package just for you.

sj-origIn addition to Web Site design, we offer you a place to showcase your Web Site: Right here at LuresTruly.com. You may choose to have a Sub-Domain or a Virtual Domain.

With a Sub-Domain, your address will be http://LuresTruly.com/YourName. You provide photos, brochures and any written material and we do the rest. We design a Web Site for you or your company incorporating text, graphics, image scanning, audio or streaming audio/video (where possible). In addition, we register your Site with the right Search Engines, making sure you have the most exposure possible. Then, once the site is up and running, we continue to maintain it.

top10-lures-coverWith a Virtual Domain of your own, you will be known as http://YourName.com. We will register your Domain name which will become your unique URL address on the World Wide Web. And, since e-mail can be sent and received under your Domain (e.g. You@YourName.com) you will not have to announce a new e-mail address if you change internet providers.

With your own Domain, you will have unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day. You can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure. You can also logon via Telnet and your Web Browser to manage and update your site.