“Conceived within the quagmire of government bureaucracy, carried during the threat of nuclear war, nurtured in a bog of red tape… Amidst this turmoil, the Internet was born — and has thrived to this very day…”

antique-lure-history-whence-the-plug-american-anglerThe US Department of Defense created the Internet in an attempt to prevent a complete and total breakdown of communications in the event of nuclear war. It was a completely new idea: Network computers in such a way that, if there were problems in one area, that area could be bypassed and another accessed.

As the threat of war decreased, the Internet became the tool of choice for educators and researchers looking for real-time access to the latest information. Here they could hypothesize, exchange ideas, and disseminate useful information freely.

In 1989 a new method of organizing this network was conceived and the World Wide Web, with color and graphics, was born. Prior to this time, all communication was gray scale and lifeless. But with the advent of point and click technology and the addition of Links, the Web was closer to what it is today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 1993 the Mosaic browser gave users the tools necessary to search the Web based on certain parameters. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of Web Browsers helping you find just about anything on the Internet.

The Web is fast becoming the most popular business district in the world. Within the last few years, the number of people accessing the Web has surpassed most expectations. According to leading Internet publications, the growth of the Internet will soar to new heights over the next few years. Clearly, this is not a fad or a media that only the elite can afford.

The opportunities for you to express your individuality or advertise your business on the Web are endless. The World Wide Web has created a virtually level playing field. With a little creativity and planning, simple home vintage_babe-oreno_lure_wood_lure_by_south_bendpages, or the smallest business can thrive alongside any Fortune 500 Company.

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